If you want to include a logo in your SafeMail.To form, the image source file also needs to be on an SSL secure server, and it needs to be referenced with an "https://..." URL. Otherwise, browsers will display a security warning window saying that the page contains both secure and nonsecure items (the graphic file) and ask the user whether or not to display the nonsecure items. This can lead some users to believe that the form is not really secure.

To avoid this warning message, you can upload one graphic file to the SafeMail.To secure server for use with your form. (You can also reference this file anywhere that you need your logo served by a secure server.) Note that the file will be given the same name as your form, not its original file name on your system. You will be given the proper URL to use in your form when the upload is completed.

To upload your graphic file now, log in with your form ID and the password you used to create it:

Please log in with your Form ID and password

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